In this first element of the Framework, students and teachers work to collect and organize data and information. This usually means strategies and resources for helping students gather the necessary information for thinking historically, answering questions, and solving problems.

what might this look like?

Using graphic organizers and primary source analysis worksheets to make sense of raw data are examples of strategies students could use during this stage of the Framework. The use of Google Drive tools such Keep and Docs or EasyBib to organize collected data would also be a great example of the Collect element.

Teachers are also using the Collect element when they browse to archival sites such as the National Archives and the Library of Congress or even video sites such as YouTube or apps like Google Expeditions.

 Cards available:

  • SOAPSTone graphic organizer
  • DESCRIBE graphic organizer
  • TACOS graphic organizer
  • 30 Second Look
  • History Frame
  • Evidence Analysis Window Frames
  • Book Bits
  • Where Are We?

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