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what is the C4?

students5Our students need to do more than simply memorize social studies content. They need to be using that content to solve problems and to think historically. The C4 Framework focuses on four overarching themes – Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate – that can help you design high-quality instruction focusing on those skills.

The C4 Framework provides a structure for integrating the College, Career, and Civic Life Standards and the Common Core Literacy standards into your lesson and unit design. The four elements that make up the framework, Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate, work together to form a highly effective long-term teaching and learning sequence.

students1The engaging strategies & resources that make up the C4 Framework can also be used as stand-alone activities. We’ve put these strategies & resources on individual 8.5 x 11 cards – perfect for classroom use. Find out more about each of the elements as well as sample cards and additional instructional resources by browsing to the Collect, Collaborate, Create, and Communicate pages.

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